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Welcome to Lisia Digital

Thanks for visiting Lisia Digital. I am Simon, a full-stack software developer and digital creative from the island of Guernsey.  I create cross-platform mobile and web applications with a focus on functionality, security, and user experience.

My Toolbox

React Native

For the development and deploying of mobile applications with native functionality using a single codebase for both Android and iOS devices.


HTML & CSS are the languages that are used to display the web in your browser.


JavaScript development goes hand in hand with HTML & CSS and enables a more interactive and engaging user experience.


PHP and MySQL are two of the server-side languages that are used for interacting with databases and performing remote tasks.


WordPress is a great option if you are looking for a website or ecommerce solution that can be quickly and easily updated without having to call in a developer.


By optimising content to be served by LightSpeed on our dedicated servers we achieve lightning fast page load times and top level security.


Using Cloudflare's global content distribution network and firewall solutions we ensure that data and websites are accessible quickly and securely from around the globe.

Current Projects

Details about a few of Lisia Digital's current projects.


It is essential that every individual and business, no matter how large or small, causes no harm to our Earth and to future generations.  Here are some of the ways that Lisia Digital is working to be ecologically and socially responsible.

Renewable Energy

Lisia Digital is 100% powered by renewable energy whether working in the office or remotely. Including our web servers and all hosted client websites.


Each year Lisia Digital supports a number of charities locally, nationally, and globally.

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Carbon Negative

For the few activities where we are unable to avoid generating CO² completely (CDN, buying equipment, telephone calls etc.) we offset through certified schemes at a rate of a few hundred percent more than what we generate.

Tree Planting

Each year we plant native broad-leaf trees around the UK and also help to protect and replant areas of rainforest in Brazil, Peru, and other places that are at risk of deforestation.


We do not take part in any email or postal mail marketing. In addition to this we only deal with suppliers who can provide paperless billing.

1280+ tonnes
of CO² sequestered by Lisia Digital since 2019. &

17824 meals
shared in the fight against global hunger

CO2 offset certificate - 20 tonnes each month

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